As time passes and technology takes over I find that there are many things we have let go to the wayside, disappear, and forgotten; simple things, fun things, and the not so fun elements of our daily lives. I have started this blog to catalog those "missed" things that when mentioned to a younger generation will cause knitted eyebrows, shaken heads, and a "what's that?” expression; now you have a place to show them just…What

This is a catalog of all the things that I and others miss from their younger days and olden times.

Saturday, December 22, 2012

#86 the ticking of a clock

wow, has it been this long since I posted anything here? time flies by so fast... found another thing that I miss.... being able to get everything done that needed to be done and have enough time to do it all in...

I can remember feeling that time passed miserably slow.... had to wait for my fun birthday bashes, had to wait for summer vacations, had to wait for that scrumptious Turkey Day, and then you had to wait for Christmas and New Years. It seemed when we were younger we were constantly waiting for something and the time just slowly tick-tocked passively on.

As I was thinking about all this I realized one thing I do really miss is the ticking of a clock. As a child when I needed a quite moment of pondering I use sit quietly in our living room and let the ticking our our grandfather clock slowly lull me into a meditative state. Do I have a ticking clock now- nope, they are all electronic- why? Can't really answer that, just happened. When I mentioned to Steve that I wanted to find a nice pendulum clock to have around and explained why, his response was: "Why do that? Just download the sound to your computer." spoken like a true electronic engineer. Yea right, just don't think it would be the same.

Clocks that tick are becoming fewer with the use of battery and solar operated clocks. When looking around I found one that had an electronically installed ticking program that you could turn on and off at will- ha! The grandfather clock and the windup up alarm clocks are the old standbys, but are slowly disappearing  To many the sound has a soothing effect, however, there are some people that do not agree.

What effect does a ticking clock have on you? remember the "big ben" and the "baby ben"  wind-ups? Their ticking sound could be heard for miles....well, not really but they were loud!

adding a quick note-- i would like to thank Liz for reminding me of this blog- I had not forgotten it, just pushed it into the back of my life. There are a couple of my friends that actually like this one better than Journey, so, you can thank my British friend for getting this going once again.