As time passes and technology takes over I find that there are many things we have let go to the wayside, disappear, and forgotten; simple things, fun things, and the not so fun elements of our daily lives. I have started this blog to catalog those "missed" things that when mentioned to a younger generation will cause knitted eyebrows, shaken heads, and a "what's that?” expression; now you have a place to show them just…What

This is a catalog of all the things that I and others miss from their younger days and olden times.

Monday, May 2, 2011

#89 ~ the milkman

In the old days the milkman, traditionally a man,  would come by with eggs, glass bottles of cold whole milk, and other dairy products to your front porch or the special door in the side of your house. The milk came straight from the cow to your doorstep — always fresh and always with a smile.  I think  you have to be a baby boomer or older to remember those simpler times.

I remember those days, and good days they were. I remember when we had a little tab wheel that showed all the things we could order from the Milk Man when he would stop by our house in the wee hours of the morning. This wheel was colorful and full of every possible dairy product you could think of, even ice cream- three flavors! Also, orange juice and sometimes  fresh fruit.  We would have a little metal-sectioned carrier and yesterday’s glass milk bottle, which we would place the wheel marked with everything we wanted in the top, and when we woke… whalla, our delivery made. Fresh from the dairy~ guaranteed~

The U.S. Agriculture Department estimates that in 1963, 30% of the milk sold in the United States was home-delivered. That figure fell to less than 1% in the 1990s.

In some remote parts of the country the Milk Man is making a comeback and in some not so remote… I found a company in Manhattan; but the charm of the Milk Man Delivery has been diminished due to…. Orders made Online with a Credit Card, and the delivery is only guaranteed some time during that day.

In researching this week’s post I came across a fun site that has a few of the funny, but real, notes left for a milkman. There aren’t many, but they are fun.

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  1. During WW2 my mum was evacuated to a Dairy farm in Devon. She would sit with the farmer as he took his carriage with the big milk churns and pour the milk into the bottles people left outside. They had no fridges to keep it cool so it was delivered daily.