As time passes and technology takes over I find that there are many things we have let go to the wayside, disappear, and forgotten; simple things, fun things, and the not so fun elements of our daily lives. I have started this blog to catalog those "missed" things that when mentioned to a younger generation will cause knitted eyebrows, shaken heads, and a "what's that?” expression; now you have a place to show them just…What

This is a catalog of all the things that I and others miss from their younger days and olden times.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

#87 ~ jeans designed by wear

I am not sure just how much technology has affected this subject, except for being able to mass-produce something.  

I remember the day when you would go out and pay $6.45 for a pair of new Levi 501 button-fly shrink-to-fit jeans. They were dark blue and nearly as stiff as a board. I remember going home and washing them at least 20 times before wearing them- mostly to take out the stiffness. You would have to be careful of what you washed them with, the dye in the jeans turned everything if not blue, a light blue.
I even sometimes, if I needed them to age a little quicker than normal, would tumble them in my father’s old cement drum with a few rocks from the beach or back yard. Most of the time I would start preparing a new pair of jeans long before “I” considered the old ones ready for the fabric re-purposing pile.  (grew up recycling and re-purposing long before it became popular to “be green.”)

I can remember putting embroidered appliqués as patches, or just a fun fabric as a patch, sewing things on the pockets; the hems would become worn so there was a little fringe at the bottoms, or putting some decorative trim to repair and finish.  As I got into high-school in the sixties, I remember taking liquid embroidery tubes- all colors, and painting my jeans with flowers, animals, names- once I wrote “property of --my then boyfriend’s name” down the front of each leg.

But most of all, I remember the fun it was “designing” your own jeans. And… when you walked down the street with an extremely faded, decorated, frayed  pair of jeans…everyone knew YOU loved those jeans and were the designer just by living in them.
Now… you can pay upwards to $150.00 for someone else to do all that for you- and get this- look exactly like all the other people that have purchased the same jean.  No originality. And what about those Hip-hugger Bell bottom pants that they now call – Low-rise flares! Yea ,right.

Still to this day I buy the simplest pair of Levi’s and let nature and life put its design on them- I have a pair that is 10 years old, wearing them at the moment – thank you very much.

Let’s take the mass production out of the “MASS CHOICES” for said product and go back to basics where we can pay a reasonable price for a great product- and if we want it decorated…do it yourself.

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