As time passes and technology takes over I find that there are many things we have let go to the wayside, disappear, and forgotten; simple things, fun things, and the not so fun elements of our daily lives. I have started this blog to catalog those "missed" things that when mentioned to a younger generation will cause knitted eyebrows, shaken heads, and a "what's that?” expression; now you have a place to show them just…What

This is a catalog of all the things that I and others miss from their younger days and olden times.

Monday, April 25, 2011

#90 ~ public pay phones

Public Pay Phones? Are you nuts? Who would miss having to search for a phone on some obscure corner while driving, find the right change to make a call, find a phone that hasn’t been vandalized…?
 Again, I know you are asking if I have gone nuts.
What I really want to say is "get rid of cell phones"!
I miss being able to shop in a store, walk down the street, or sit in a park --- without having someone walk past me chatting away; unsure if they are talking to me, or talking to that contraption sticking out of their ear.

      (which baffles me in this gotta look totally beautiful all the time society- they're ugly, plain and simple, you look like you have some brain malfunction escaping through your ear .)

 Furthermore, I'll tell you about the rudeness of sitting in a restaurant and trying to eat a peaceful meal and have someone, again, chatting away, oblivious to any other person around. 
OMG, how did we survive not being able to pass away the hours going on and on and on about absolutely nothing of value. I have never been a talker on the phone. I remember once my mother-in-law saying I was too abrupt when on the phone. Hey, it’s a way to transfer vital information quickly….get it? Passing on “vital” information quickly.
The last time I was in the grocery store there was this woman trailing behind me that carried on a conversation, with an unknown brain without a body, about her daughter’s new boyfriend’s mother. As I was trying to shop and ignore her, here comes someone else from the other direction in the isle, chatting even louder! What was the emergency? ”Her neighbor wants her to keep her dog from barking all day—how rude is that- she can’t control her dog’s barking, it’s a dog.”

People… if you are one of those who have to be on their phones 24/7 – then, please for the love of sanity! Get help! Find some organization like DVCA (Diahrrea of the Vocal Cords Anonymous ) Be considerate and turn off  that phone when in public!

Better yet, get rid of these monstrosities and bring back the pay phone if there is a need for an emergent call. Look how cute this one is.

100 things I will miss- #?? ~cell phones --  is one topic you’ll never see here.

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